Bahrain’s Bougainvillea bazaar

The Bougainvillea is out in force in Bahrain. It’s everywhere, in full bloom. While this hardy plant is perfectly capable of weathering the harsh summer, it’s rather colourless, dull and drab. But, come October and the easing of the heat, it comes out with a vengeance and shows its true element. Our own garden, in…

Life’s back

Bahrain’s weather’s changed in the last few weeks and nowhere it is more apparent than in our tiny garden. Suddenly, everything’s back to life. And we are making the most of the “purple patch” lasting a few months of what we call the winter. The fenugreek and the radish have sprouted, the money plant has…

Go, went… going!

The summer is upon us in Bahrain. And the folks of migratory birds that flock to this tiny island throughout the winter are on their way out – or are they? These few seagulls and a solitary (what looks like) stork were all that were visible on the Arad coast, which is normally “infested” with…

Dog’s Day Warmth

This picture, courtesy my daughter, Asveen, says it all. A couple of stray dogs find warmth in a pile of freshly-fallen dried leaves. Goes to show animals will figure out a way to be comfortable, even in the harshest of circumstances. Nature’s ways are unique – and practical!  

Colour – by evening

A Bahrain sunset is always special. And, if it’s winter, even more so! This evening wasn’t any different. Even it meant parking on the emergency lane of a high-speed highway and clicking away, it was worth the while. The cloud formation, the buildings and the sun about to set made for a phenomenal sight!