Bahrain’s very own wildlife

This is Bahrain’s very own wildlife park with its “native” wildlife.
The Al Areen Wildlife Park is a nature reserve and zoo, in Sakhir. It is one of five other protected areas in the country and it is the only designated protected area on land, in the country.
The park covers a total area of 7 km sq and was first established in 1976. Species native to Bahrain, … Continue reading Bahrain’s very own wildlife

Death of a turtle

This is what remains of a large turtle that died after strangling itself on discarded mono-filament fishing line carelessly discarded by fishermen off the coast of Bahrain’s Sitra island. Mo, the manager at the exclusive Al Dar Island resort, was on a trip in the area on Saturday morning when he saw the fairly large reptile (75 cms across) floating in the water near the … Continue reading Death of a turtle

‘Gentle’ Bully

  Pelicans are aplenty at the Al Areen Wildlife Park in Bahrain and mix freely with the hundreds of visitors. However, they do not like being teased and provoked and can become extremely aggressive. These three shots show just that. While the obviously gentle birds are seen going about their business in two of the pictures (above and bottom), in the third (top), a little … Continue reading ‘Gentle’ Bully