The Passage

No one saves us but ourselves; No one can and no one may; We ourselves must walk the path. OLD MUHARRAQ NEIGHBOURHOOD, BAHRAIN 2015

Winter Paintbrush

Seasonal flowers in full bloom on the street walk on a crisp winter morning in Bahrain’s capital, Manama. Such colours are seen only in the cold months, particularly in January and February, after which it starts to get warm. The extreme desert heat after that makes it almost impossible for such beauty to flourish.

The camera sees it all

Resting a while after a walk in Arad, and fiddling with the camera, I randomly took a few pictures. Realising it was dark and not much could be “seen”, I nevertheless snapped away. And, to my surprise, came up with what I thought were some rather unusual shots. There’s an enthusiastic jogger running past me…