Superman’s Bahraini, is it?

“Not only am I awesome, I’m Bahraini too” says a sticker outside this curio shop tucked away in the by-lanes of Old Muharraq Town. And, of course, one cannot help but notice a larger than life-size model of Superman, wearing the traditional Bahraini headgear. Maybe, the sticker should’ve read: “Not only am I awesome, I’m Superman – and Bahraini.” Continue reading Superman’s Bahraini, is it?

Just Another (May) Day

Originally posted on MANDEEPSINGS:
It was May Day today. Time for all workers to relax, rest and contemplate. These are some pictures to show what they were doing today. There are also a few pictures showing what can pass off as their “living accommodation” – ramshackle structures they call home. It’s for the readers to make what they can of these images! All I can… Continue reading Just Another (May) Day

This, folks, is our winter

Rain in Bahrain is always welcome – and coming after a very long summer, it is even more so. It’s windy, it’s cold, rather nippy at 17 degrees C (yes, that’s COLD here), and the ‘woolens’ are out for many locals. However, for us, we have only moved indoors temporarily – until the ‘cold spell’ passes – no more the ‘bed tea’ in the garden … Continue reading This, folks, is our winter