Mumbai, it seems, lives to eat

Five days in Mumbai at the beginning of this month were not enough for me. Over the last couple of years, I have fallen hook, line and sinker for life in one of India’s most well-known metropolis – not the least because of the hustle and bustle of life there – but for the myriad variety of food it offers. Mumbai, in one sense, can … Continue reading Mumbai, it seems, lives to eat

The spice of life is not in tradition any more

Bahrain’s Spice Market may not hold charm for the local population any more but, tucked away in the lanes of the Old Suq in the capital, Manama, it is a must visit for tourists and visitors. The conventional ways of shopping have, in any case, taken a beating in the last few years with the advent of supermarkets and suq’s (traditional markets) have been among … Continue reading The spice of life is not in tradition any more

Banana boom

Bananas – lots of bananas – of different kinds – are omnipresent in Kerala. Every house has several banana trees, they are everywhere on the streets, at every roadside and on every dining table. The tiny “Kerala banana” is native only to the state while the larger, “regular” variety can also be found. However, it was the rather unusual “red” banana that I was most … Continue reading Banana boom

Singing at Singshore

We never thought we would make it here but did. The incessant monsoon rains, landslide-infested roads and the steep and slippery terrain notwithstanding, our expert driver and guide ensured we would not miss one of the “wonders of Asia”, as the Singshore suspension bridge is called.The highest bridge in Sikkim and the second highest bridge in Asia, the ‘hanging’ structure is over 100 meters in … Continue reading Singing at Singshore