Looking back

A longer than usual halt at the traffic lights on way to work this morning was an opportunity to look back and see a queue of cars lining up behind us. Traffic is usually smooth at this time of the day in spite of the office rush and such halts are rather unusual.

The way home – on GoPro

I have always wanted to take pictures of several things while driving home but never got around to finding a way to do that. However, courtesy a friends GoPro Hero3, I finally managed. These are some of the images captured (screen grabs from the video actually) on my way home from work. The camera was…

That’s the way it is!

This is not a circus performance. It’s also not a joke. The images are real – from India. Such sights are common everywhere across the length and breadth of the country and makes one wonder what lies in store for road users in the event these precariously-balanced vehicles topple over. Having stayed outside India for…

Out of the window

We took a bus ride this morning. This is rather unusual in Bahrain for two reasons. One – there has never been (until now) any public transport that got you anywhere and, two, fuel is far too cheap in this country and there are far too many cars for anyone to really bother about taking…

Directions – in Black and White

One of Bahrain’s busiest highway junctions at night – with signposts guiding motorists in different directions – in Black and White!