Magical Moments

There’s certainly something magical about Bahrain sunsets. Every time one goes to photograph the scene, one runs into something different and awe-inspiring. This time, I encountered these riders and their horses galloping into the beautiful golden glow. That apart, there were birds, the rapidly fading light and the low tide, which collectively gave theĀ  area…

Boat aground

This boat on the Busaiteen coast in Bahrain presents a rather eerie sight, lying as it does a quite a distance from the ‘highest’ point of the tide. Some local fishermen said thought the derelict boat had been left there by someone who no longer had any use for it, a few years ago, the…

End of the Day

This ‘end of the day’ picture taken from Juffair of the Manama skyline shows lights and skyscrapers reflected in the waters of the rising tide. The horizon is also lit up by the light of the sun, which has just disappeared behind the buildings.

Lazy evening

These two boats on Bahrain’s Muharraq coast gave an impression they have ‘retired’ for the evening after a laborious day out at sea. A perfect shot of a perfectly lazy and still evening.

Golden Eye

The always beautiful sunset off the coast of Bahrain’s Muharraq Island. This picture, taken during low tide, presents a spectacular view of the capital, Manama’s skyline, with the now many skyscrapers vying with one another in grandeur and splendor. There was a time not many years ago when this tiny nation had no highrise buildings…