Moods on the weekend

A trip to Bahrain’s Old Manama Suq can be exhausting if you are not able to stand crowds, the heat and the grime and the noise. But this is exactly what I did last evening. While I expected to catch some pictures of the old buildings and the stalls selling a variety of stuff, it…

Tea Time in Manama

A group of blue-collar workers in Downtown Manama pause for tea and gossip at a roadside stall. Such gatherings are common in the old part of the Bahraini capital, particularly during the weekend and a prolonged holiday! Source: Tea Time in Manama

Morning feast

Nothing like a traditional Bahraini breakfast at the start of a working day. And that’s what happened today. It always happens. I start work very early in the day and that means no (or a very hurried) breakfast. That also means I have to ‘exist’ on tidbits (and the occasional tea and coffee at “peepa”…

The ‘mall’ on the street

Not everyone shops at malls or at chic stores. Many cannot even afford to shop. But, come the festival season and a group of young enthusiasts display used clothes in the interiors of the Manama Suq in Bahrain for anyone to take away and use. Needless to say, these are a great attraction for those…

Corridor in Manama

The Central Manama Souq was deserted this evening. Perhaps it were the windy and cold weather or, perhaps, it was just the early evening, when there is not much activity in these parts.