Sunset – my favourite colour

It was almost dark when these pictures were taken, with an iPhone, on Bahrain’s Tubli coast. Once again, it’s been proven beyond doubt that sunsets in this tiny island nation are special – especially if it’s winter! The images show the water, boats, palm trees, buildings and cars – pretty much what life in Bahrain is all about – and they also show the beautiful … Continue reading Sunset – my favourite colour

And then it burst into flames

The sky looked surrealistic this afternoon as I gazed out of my bedroom window. It was cloudy, as if about to rain; it was windy, with the icy winds (yes, seems improbable, but there WAS snowfall in Saudi Arabia today and that’s having a ripple effect on Bahrain); and it was dull and dreary, with just a hint of sun peeping from behind the clouds. … Continue reading And then it burst into flames