Down, but not out!

This is my first post this year. It took a long time coming – all of 25 days – but, hopefully, is prelude to more writings and pictures in the coming months. The sun set on 2016 nearly a month ago and it’s been a roller-coaster ride since then. Wasn’t an entirely bright start to…

Looking back

A longer than usual halt at the traffic lights on way to work this morning was an opportunity to look back and see a queue of cars lining up behind us. Traffic is usually smooth at this time of the day in spite of the office rush and such halts are rather unusual.

The bright side

If this is the sight that greets you as you step out at 5 am after a good night’s sleep, then one tends to forget the nauseatingly hot and humid weather that is now sweeping Bahrain. Even at that hour, with the sun just about making its way up, on any day, it’s in excess…

The Sun Rises at Al Dar

The ever-glorious sunrise at Bahrain’s Al Dar Islands – one of the perfect getaway’s on the weekend. A short boat ride from the mainland, it’s a dream destination, with its luxury chalets, open air restaurants and lots of song, dance and barbecue. We have had the privilege of visiting several times, most notably when the…

Life ….. and Hope

Every SUNSET gives us one day less to live; every SUNRISE gives us one day more to hope! –Picture of the Seef skyline in Bahrain in early 2000 when there were just a handful of buildings in the area.