Burnt out

The summer is severe every year, with August being the worst in terms of temperature – and that is when it turns into a virtual sauna out there. However, this year, its been the “worst inĀ  many many years” if those who are in the know are to be believed. I personally thought it was…

Second Childhood?

“The summer sun is not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belong to the rain.” Sometimes I wonder why I am in Bahrain – where there is no rain at all in the summer and very little in the winter, when in any case, you do not need it! Stepping out into the…

Dreams are made of sand and sun!

This dilapidated chair looking out towards the sea caught my attention on an evening walk at the Busaiteen Beach in Bahrain. If only it could speak, countless stories would flow!

Flying high

Behind the dark clouds The sky is always blue The sun still shines The birds always fly -Cloudy afternoon, Manama, Bahrain, Summer 2015

Desert sunset

The beautiful and dense orange sunset over Bahrain’s Sakhir desert. And with the weather suddenly taking a turn for the better, at 25 degrees C, the feeling is awesome.