That wonderful feeling

This view of the Bahrain skyline from the vast expanse of the Busaiteen coast makes one feel ‘small’ in comparison with nature. Almost all of this island nation’s skyscrapers are captured in one frame, with the winter even clouds, and the setting sun, for company. Behind me is the ocean, an equally awesome part of…

And then it burst into flames

The sky looked surrealistic this afternoon as I gazed out of my bedroom window. It was cloudy, as if about to rain; it was windy, with the icy winds (yes, seems improbable, but there WAS snowfall in Saudi Arabia today and that’s having a ripple effect on Bahrain); and it was dull and dreary, with…

Reaching for the sky

What I am interested in with birds, just as I am with spiders or monkeys, is what they do and why they do it. Pigeons take to the skies near the Bahrain Financial Harbour Twin Towers, Manama. Summer 2015

Pigeons in flight

A flock of pigeons takes flight during a hazy and cloudy morning in Downtown Manama. My new Sigma Ultra Wide 10-20 mm lens came in handy while capturing this shot!

Nature’s Brilliance

A rather haphazard but brilliantly colourful sunset over Muharraq Island shows the glorious side of nature. This ratherunusual pattern lasted all of a few minutes after which the sun continue to set. Sometimes, some pictures just happen. You click and imagine what the photograph will be like but it turns out quite different when you…