Superman’s Bahraini, is it?

“Not only am I awesome, I’m Bahraini too” says a sticker outside this curio shop tucked away in the by-lanes of Old Muharraq Town. And, of course, one cannot help but notice a larger than life-size model of Superman, wearing the traditional Bahraini headgear. Maybe, the sticker should’ve read: “Not only am I awesome, I’m Superman – and Bahraini.” Continue reading Superman’s Bahraini, is it?

The little pakora shop

I have been to this shop several times. The pakoras (fritters) this gentleman makes are awesome, particularly for those hungry souls in nearby offices as well as for starved passers-by. And this place is forever crowded. Strangely, for a short while that I was there this morning, there wasn’t a soul in sight – but for this gentleman who was busy frying away. He makes … Continue reading The little pakora shop

At the Fishmonger’s

We visit the fishmongers in Manama once a month. And this gentleman, from Bangladesh, keeps the choicest catch ready, cleaned and packed for use as we reach. He is also up to date with technology, liberally using WhatsApp and Instagram for marketing, sending out messages and pictures to customers, who can then decide what they want. The best part, however, is we can pick up … Continue reading At the Fishmonger’s