Welcome Party

Seagulls welcome early morning visitors to one of Bahrain’s favourite weekend destinations. The Al Dar Island Resort, off the coast of Sitra, is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic week at work. It presents the ideal getaway in the lap of marine and winged wildlife. Source: Welcome Party

Go, went… going!

The summer is upon us in Bahrain. And the folks of migratory birds that flock to this tiny island throughout the winter are on their way out – or are they? These few seagulls and a solitary (what looks like) stork were all that were visible on the Arad coast, which is normally “infested” with…

Enjoying the sun

Seagulls bask on fishing boats in the warm afternoon winter sun on the Muharraq coast. It’s been a rather dusty, windy and chilly last few days but that’s not stopped these migratory birds from coming out in force.

The return of the migrants

The weather has eased, the evenings are once again a pleasant 25 degrees C and it’s time – again – for our migratory friends from Siberia and other colder regions of the world make a comeback to Bahrain. This large flock of seagulls was basking in the late evening sun during low tide on the…

Fair Feather Friends

I first came across this beautiful sight several days ago on my way home from work and today, armed with a camera, stopped by. In spite of traffic on the busy flyover, these seagulls on the railing and several hundred in the water below seemed to enjoy the sun, perhaps as a last adieu before…