New on the bookshelf

Chucky decided this morning to take a short cut to the kitchen from the living room but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw he had been ‘caught’. Presented a great picture, though!  

Ball of a time!

We were walking out from the cinema at the mall this evening when we saw this amazing sight of children at play. Reminded me of our own childhood when we played with balls – but not inside a mall – it was always outdoors, among the wild, the flowers, the mud, sand, grime and water….

The Untyring

This grizzly cub was seen playing to the galleries at the Al Aren Wildlfe Park and Reserve. Easily the star attraction, this playful creƤture was the cynosure of all eyes during the weekend holiday rush at the reserve.

Past and Pure

Two young girls play hopscotch on the street in Bahrain’s Muharraq neighbourhood. The country’s oldest ‘town’ is still home to hundreds of ancient houses and historical structures and the area’s residents identify strongly with old Bahraini traditions and ancient way of living. Many of Bahrain’s well-known tourist destinations are also situated on the island.