Enjoying the winter

A cloudy sky; a beautiful sunset; an even better sunrise, not to mention the rain and the cool weather – that’s what sums up a classic winter day in Bahrain. And, in the past month, we’ve had several such occasions. Rarely has this archipelago seen such pleasant, even cold, weather for so long at a stretch.
The rain Gods have been rather benevolent this time round as well and we’ve had a virtual deluge a couple of weeks ago. Of course, there was the customary inconvenience since we are not used to these rather wet conditions and, more than that, we are not ‘built’ to withstand them.
Notwithstanding the troubles, the mishaps and the hiccups, such weather is custom-made to take pictures and one can get winning shots anywhere. The coastal areas are even better since the sky, and the calm water, act as catalysts to get those perfect shots! The Manama skyline, as usual, offers the perfect backdrop!
I took several pictures over the last few days, one of which is shown here. Will post some more soon and show Bahrain off to those who have not been here. Because, at least in the winter, this is where the Gods are!

Reflection in glass

dsc_5154.jpgThe Bahrain National Theatre building is one of the most iconic in the country, blending modern and traditional architecture. This amazing structure is built on the side of a man-made lake within the National Museum complex and annually hosts a slew of national and international events.

Colour from Kerala

Kerala is incredibly green – and awash with colour! This is perhaps because of its very wet climate, proximity to the sea or just His blessings. Whichever way you look at it, you will see there is never any dearth of a splash of colour – an awesome variety of flowers, plants and shrubs of all kinds. This is but just a minuscule sample of what I experienced. Much more time should be at hand to explore the real beauty of what is appropriately called – God’s Own Country!

Summer visitor

We do not see many birds in these parts and in this weather but this feathered friend created quite a racket early one morning. On hearing the rather unusual noise, I discovered three of these on the branch just outside my window but in the time I got the camera, only one of them was there. These little interludes in the otherwise harsh summer are most welcome.

The bright side

If this is the sight that greets you as you step out at 5 am after a good night’s sleep, then one tends to forget the nauseatingly hot and humid weather that is now sweeping Bahrain. Even at that hour, with the sun just about making its way up, on any day, it’s in excess of 35C, and rising to 40C plus as the day progresses.