Bahrain’s pearl project

Until a couple of days ago, I wasn’t even aware this place exists in Bahrain. However,  a visit to Muharraq’s Coast Guard base revealed the excavations and restoration that have been going on for years. The site is now in the final stages of completion and a new museum will open shortly. And this will throw light on the ancient pearling industry in this tiny … Continue reading Bahrain’s pearl project

Restoring the Pearl Route

These are perhaps the first public pictures of the ancient Fakhroo Mansion, said to be around 200 years old, in the heart of Old Muharraq Town undergoing renovation and restoration. The property, now in the hands of the Culture Ministry, is part of Bahrain’s Pearl Route or Pearl Pathway, the corridor where the pearling community lived once upon a time. The pathway will cover around … Continue reading Restoring the Pearl Route

Diving Force

This monument to what Bahrain has always been known for – pearl diving – is a major exhibit at the Bahrain National Museum. Signifying what the nation once stood for and the difficult life pearl divers had to live, the monument attracts a lot of attention for all visitors to the museum, which also hosts several interesting and historical artifacts from as far as the … Continue reading Diving Force

Gem Job

Piles of empty oyster shells lie on the Sitra coast in Bahrain. Oysters are now ‘harvested’ by amateur fishermen who then pry open the shells to look for natural pearls. Though it is extremely rare these are found, sometimes someone does get lucky. Pearling, known to have occurred since 2000 BC, and once the mainstay of the country’s economy, has now vanished but there are … Continue reading Gem Job