The Untyring

This grizzly cub was seen playing to the galleries at the Al Aren Wildlfe Park and Reserve. Easily the star attraction, this playful creƤture was the cynosure of all eyes during the weekend holiday rush at the reserve.

Lover Boy!

Saw this interesting scene at the Al Areen Wildlife Park, Bahrain, where, apparently, a male duck was aggressively “claiming” his companion from competition! He was successful after a very brief struggle and the couple happily sailed away!

Sun Flowers

These flowers manage to bloom in their full glory even in the extreme Bahrain summer conditions. As temperatures over the weekend crossed 44 degrees C in the desert, I found this very encouraging sight at the Princess Sabeeka Park in Awali. Though the flowers looked a bit “tired”, out in the open under the blazing…


Bahrain’s “legendary” skyline, complete with perfect reflections in the surrounding waters of the Arabian Gulf, is pictured through the “frames” of a park shelter in the island of Muharraq. The warm and humid weather notwithstanding, a visit to this park always presents a perfect photographic opportunity at any time of the day or night.

Shame Game

The ongoing cricket scandal in India is not only an insult to thousands of youngsters like these at Mumbai’s Shivaji Park who consider the game their religion and their passion but also to the countless millions who make players heroes, even God. It’s a shame the depth and extent of the scandal now threatens to…