This, too, is life


When I took these pictures, all I had in mind were portraits. But when I looked at them later, I could “see” a lot more. The pain, the longing, the forlorn looks, the emptiness, the hope and, perhaps, the hunger.
These two men are among the countless millions around the world who are not only homeless, but perhaps have no family and haven’t had a good meal in a while.
It is appalling how much misery there is in this world and it is beyond me how we, being in so much comfort ourselves, can allow this to happen.
Not that my writing these few paragraphs would make a difference; I would also, in a few hours, forget this and carry on with my life, but, at some point (and soon), I would wish to dedicate myself to feeding the hungry, contributing to looking after those who need care and trying to be useful in a society that sees a lot of pain, anguish, greed, violence and a just plain simple “how do I care” attitude.
Taking care of the elderly, working in palliative care and educating children whose parents are unable to send them to school are some of the other thoughts that come to mind.
This is a “bucket list” of things I wish to do. And, the sooner the better because one never knows what tomorrow brings. And, that “tomorrow” can come at any time!