Love at high tide

This pair of flamingos were spotted in the waters off Bahrain’s Tubli Bay. Not unusual but very uncommon during the summer months when most migratory birds make their annual trip back home to the cooler climes of Siberia and Western Europe. The bird “season” in Bahrain begins from the end of September until April, after…

Singing at Singshore

We never thought we would make it here but did. The incessant monsoon rains, landslide-infested roads and the steep and slippery terrain notwithstanding, our expert driver and guide ensured we would not miss one of the “wonders of Asia”, as the Singshore suspension bridge is called.The highest bridge in Sikkim and the second highest bridge…

Bird brain and sea brawn

This sparrow thought it could weather any storm. Well, not quite. When the wind was at its howling best and the tide at its highest, the little creature could not take it any more. At one moment, it was ‘hopping and skipping’ and, at another, it was in the water, struggling to stay afloat. That…

Macro magic

It was hot in the day and rather uncomfortable. Yet, these flowers in the garden were bright and fresh! It’s a wonder how they manage to not only survive – but also be ‘happy’ – in these harsh conditions. And, yes, the new macro filter on my camera lens rells the story rather well!

Busy butterfly

Captured this amazing sight in the garden – the butterfly was so busy sucking out the nectar on this Zenia flower that it did not move even when I came within inches of it. Nature at its very best!