Standing tall

Anybody can love a rose, but it takes a great deal to love a leaf. Don’t love someone who is beautiful, but love the one who can make your life beautiful. What beautiful lines. Rings true. So true.

Puppy Love

This “puppy pack” was spotted on the beach, seemingly having a lot of fun, when we took our regular evening walk today. The four, apparently from the same litter, were “fighting” for a piece of carelessly discarded chamois leather but the way they were “smiling and giggling”, it seemed they were a bunch of children…

The Waltz

I snapped these majestic words taking a walk along the Arad Bay in Bahrain. It was a sight to see them make their way across the rising tide but not really moving much. While common to spot storks and other migratory birds on the coastline, I have rarely spotted so many in one group.

Love Birds

This beautiful “couple” was spotted near the Bahrain International Airport. The stork “interaction”, even if it was two weeks after Valentines Day, took place as the high tide was coming in at the Arad Walkway, providing hundreds of evening walkers with an interesting interlude.

The best friend?

While on my (ir)regular evening walk on the coast, I came across these three dogs, belonging to families that have made the “beach” their home, complete with fully furnished villas and other luxury amenities. One look at the three and we can see the state of these four-legged beings in various states of (dis)comfort. One…