It’s raining – bananas!

The banana plant in the backyard was drying up as expected in the summer and was awaiting the chop in preparation for some colder weather. But as the gardener went about his job, this is what he noticed. We actually had summer bananas! That, even to his experienced eye, was unexpected. That was a couple of months ago! Today, however, to our surprise, the fruit … Continue reading It’s raining – bananas!

It’s hot out there but not for them

The blistering summer is upon us in Bahrain – in all its fury. Temperatures are touching an average of 45C (113F) in the sun, making everyone broil – literally. However, these remarkable animals – camels – the ships of the desert – seem to be the only ones not affected by heaven’s fury, out in the heat and grazing away on dried grass. Nature has … Continue reading It’s hot out there but not for them

All lighted up

Bahrain’s all lighted up for the last few weeks. While it is the traditional holiday season in the Western world, Bahrain has its own celebrations. The festive season in Bahrain starts from December 16, which is the National Day. This is followed the next day by the anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad’s accession to the throne, which is celebrated as Accession Day. And, of … Continue reading All lighted up

Just Another (May) Day

Originally posted on MANDEEPSINGS:
It was May Day today. Time for all workers to relax, rest and contemplate. These are some pictures to show what they were doing today. There are also a few pictures showing what can pass off as their “living accommodation” – ramshackle structures they call home. It’s for the readers to make what they can of these images! All I can… Continue reading Just Another (May) Day

Sun Flowers

These flowers manage to bloom in their full glory even in the extreme Bahrain summer conditions. As temperatures over the weekend crossed 44 degrees C in the desert, I found this very encouraging sight at the Princess Sabeeka Park in Awali. Though the flowers looked a bit “tired”, out in the open under the blazing sun, they confidently swayed in the light afternoon breeze as … Continue reading Sun Flowers