This, people, is religious tolerance

People the world over talk about religious freedom but how often have we seen it being implemented in letter and spirit? Take the case of India, where particularly in the last year or so, there is increasing intolerance among the various religious groups in a supposedly secular nation. The majority dispensation is literally bulldozing its…

Prayer Island

I have driven by this very busy traffic island in Bahrain’s Salmabad area scores of times but this shot from on board a helicopter presented an entirely different, and surreal look. I cannot for the world of me figure out how a mosque came up ON this roundabout and attracts thousands of worshipers. To top…

Eid is round the corner

Bahrain is all lighted up and ready for the Eid festival this weekend. The five-day accompanying holiday is looked forward to with most families preferring to take a shot break overseas. This picture, taken just inside the Isa Town Gate, gives a sense of the decorations around the country!

Friday Prayers in Manama

Weekend Friday prayers in the Old Manama Suq in Bahrain. Thousands of people get together on the streets of the old quarter a little before noon, come hail or shine. The gatherings are rather pleasant occasions during the cool winter months, though  worshipers have to endure sizzling temperatures in the summer.

The minaret and the crescent

This rather unusual picture was ‘made’ near the mosque on the Al Ghouse Walkway in Muharraq, Bahrain, just as the evening prayers started. I have photographed minarets and the moon in several stages but this is the first time both were captured together!