The hole store

This newspaper and magazine shop, operating virtually out of a hole in the wall in Bahrain’s Muharraq area, is a favourite with Asian, particularly Indian, expatriates, who are able to buy, and browse, publications in many languages. Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati and even Punjabi, are the most sought after and sellers make a neat packet selling these on hefty premiums. But, again, no price is too … Continue reading The hole store

Every Time is Shawarma Time

This is the humble shawarma. The anytime snack, the always meal and the forever delicacy. Costs very little, it’s easy to make and is virtually everywhere. The favourite ‘between meals’ food, or even a meal in itself, the shawarma has been a winning Middle Eastern food for many decades. There are several varieties of this available, the most common being the “Indian” version, made by … Continue reading Every Time is Shawarma Time

Eklingji or Meera Hindu Temple in Rajasthan

Originally posted on TalesAlongTheWay:
One of our first site visits on the north trip to Rajasthan , was to several Hindu temples.  This one called Eklingji or Meera is a complex of actually 108 individual temples. Many are only single rooms for prayer. This complex of all the northern temples remained vividly in my memrory. I am not sure why, but I think it could… Continue reading Eklingji or Meera Hindu Temple in Rajasthan

Black, White, or Brown

This video of an apparently unprovoked attack on an elderly Sikh gentlemen in Coventry, England, has once again brought to the fore how the younger generation in the West has become increasingly intolerant towards immigrants, particularly Indians. The reality is, however, that they are jealous of the success of Indians who have worked their way up to find a permanent place on the top echelons … Continue reading Black, White, or Brown