Remembering my father

Originally posted on sindhuspace:
April 12, 2015, close to 10.30 a.m, a nurse knocked the door and told me I was called to the Medical Intensive Care Unit of the Medical College Hospital, where my 84-year-old father was undergoing a really painful course of treatment for his diabetes-induced kidney failure and the resultant multiple organ collapse for seven…

Bench from the past

This bench and picture are reminiscent of the bygone days in Bahrain. Set up in one of the ‘original’ parts of the 112 year old American Mission Hospital, it is a far cry from the waiting rooms we have at hospitals today. Strangely, however, there was no one waiting to see a doctor, enabling a…

India no country for young women

Originally posted on sindhuspace:
I am still in shock; 13 young women, who were persuaded to undergo a “simple” STERILIZATION (tubectomy) lasting a few minutes died because the doctor (butcher) used a RUSTED UNSTERILIZED equipment. Another 70 are in hospital, 20 critical. The women came forward to undergo the surgery after health counselors assured them…

Doc Trouble!

I write this after a spate of emails following a news report on a woman, who was repeatedly mis-diagnosed at a leading Bahrain private hospital for a condition in her leg, and miraculously survived amputation. She was lucky because she went to a government hospital where she was correctly treated in the nick of time….