The Guest

This little fellow came calling at our garden this morning after escaping from under the neighbor’s fence. We were, of course, quite amused with its antics but can only hope our own Mr. Tyson does not get at it, like he does with cats all the time. Strangely, this bunny, and the scores of cats…

Going Home

A flock of birds takes to the skies on its way home after a hard day out.

Cats and dog

These are just two of the (i am guessing) nearly 100 cats that stay in our residential compound. They are everywhere – around car tyres, on the roof, in the garden, on trash cans and even sunbathing at times. They are quite harmless but we have to be extremely careful of our mutt Tyson attacking…

Second Childhood?

“The summer sun is not meant for boys like me. Boys like me belong to the rain.” Sometimes I wonder why I am in Bahrain – where there is no rain at all in the summer and very little in the winter, when in any case, you do not need it! Stepping out into the…

Tyson’s ‘booked’ his new space!

Tyson looks mighty pleased with his new sitting space next to my living room library but is not very happy at being ‘disturbed’ during sleep. He has reserved this new ‘corner’, among the several others throughout the house, to make sure he is among ‘people’ at all times!