Street Art Again

A poignant message on a street in the Old Suq area in Manama, Bahrain.  Perhaps, the artist is giving vent to his feelings on the world’s crisis – military, economic and social. “Why,” he seems to ask, “cannot we live in peace and harmony?”

Hunters tamed!

I was this morning invited to Bahrain’s Khalifa bin Salman Port to meet with senior Immigration officials and do a story on how they work at the country’s seaports, particularly when thousands of cruise tourists come calling. Other then the interview and taking several photographs of the visitors, I came across this Bahraini hunting falcon,…

Yes! Sadhya at last

I finally got to have the traditional Onam meal this afternoon, 11 days after the Malayali community from the Indian state of Kerala celebrated the festival. I had then missed out on the party due to mostly my lethargy, but also because several restaurants had run out by the time I reached there after work….