It’s raining – bananas!

The banana plant in the backyard was drying up as expected in the summer and was awaiting the chop in preparation for some colder weather. But as the gardener went about his job, this is what he noticed. We actually had summer bananas! That, even to his experienced eye, was unexpected. That was a couple of months ago! Today, however, to our surprise, the fruit … Continue reading It’s raining – bananas!

The winter’s back – and so am I

I welcome myself back to blogging. After a long lay-off , while life unfolded in a variety of different ways, I was off here – more out of laziness and lethargy than anything else. Of course, it was also paucity of time, exigencies of work and the like but now that I have returned – if feels good. What better way to start off with … Continue reading The winter’s back – and so am I

It’s winter and it’s all in colour

It’s the winter in all its “coolness”. And, it’s in colour. This is the time of the year when Bahrain turns green – lush green! And it’s also the season when flowers of all kinds flourish. In the little garden space that we have, this colour is seen in abundance, even with the not so great variety that we’ve managed to plant and grow. For … Continue reading It’s winter and it’s all in colour

At least something appeared!

They said it would not happen. They said these would only occupy space in our little garden. And, guess what, they were right!This is what’s appeared after two months of me defying the weather and the odds and sowing cucumber! Of course, I am not amused. But, on the other hand, I am quite satisfied something’s appeared, however tiny – and disfigured – the fruit … Continue reading At least something appeared!

Bahrain’s Bougainvillea bazaar

The Bougainvillea is out in force in Bahrain. It’s everywhere, in full bloom. While this hardy plant is perfectly capable of weathering the harsh summer, it’s rather colourless, dull and drab. But, come October and the easing of the heat, it comes out with a vengeance and shows its true element. Our own garden, in keeping with the “mood” everywhere, is in full bloom as … Continue reading Bahrain’s Bougainvillea bazaar

Life’s back

Bahrain’s weather’s changed in the last few weeks and nowhere it is more apparent than in our tiny garden. Suddenly, everything’s back to life. And we are making the most of the “purple patch” lasting a few months of what we call the winter. The fenugreek and the radish have sprouted, the money plant has started growing fresh leaves and the grape plant suddenly looks … Continue reading Life’s back

The long and the short of it!

These pictures are self-explanatory. The green chilies on the left are ‘native’ to Bahrain and have grown very well (as usual) but the humble carrot is not. We made an attempt, however, to try and grow carrots and did everything right, including the fertilizer and the pesticide to prevent any infestation, but this is what we got. Cannot fool nature, can we?   Continue reading The long and the short of it!