It’s raining – bananas!

The banana plant in the backyard was drying up as expected in the summer and was awaiting the chop in preparation for some colder weather. But as the gardener went about his job, this is what he noticed. We actually had summer bananas! That, even to his experienced eye, was unexpected. That was a couple of months ago! Today, however, to our surprise, the fruit … Continue reading It’s raining – bananas!

Banana boom

Bananas – lots of bananas – of different kinds – are omnipresent in Kerala. Every house has several banana trees, they are everywhere on the streets, at every roadside and on every dining table. The tiny “Kerala banana” is native only to the state while the larger, “regular” variety can also be found. However, it was the rather unusual “red” banana that I was most … Continue reading Banana boom

The colour is back

Watermelons are on the streets of Bahrain again. A sure sign its summertime! This is a well-known ‘yardstick’ that there’s now no looking back and any temporary return to pleasant weather that we hope could continue for longer! That said, this was the first time this season we spotted watermelons being sold on the street – off a pick-up truck. And the opportunity was irresistible. … Continue reading The colour is back

Missed Date

A couple of months ago, I had written on these pages about how Bahrain’s rich date crop was readying itself for the ensuing Ramadan and Eid and how there were plentiful supplies of a “fruit” so commonly consumed throughout the year in the Arab world, but in particular during the festivals. I had also posted pictures of raw dates at the Princess Sabeeka Park in … Continue reading Missed Date