Hanging on for dear life!

Little Chucky is always desperate for a walk – at any time of the day – but we try and limit his ‘excursions’ because a leisurely walk is farthest from his mind.
This is what he does and this is what he goes out for – chasing cats!
The cats always get away, of course, not only because Chucky is leashed but because they are far smarter than a tiny canine with a huge attitude! They will hide under a car, go behind a fence or jump on a tree and make a clean getaway!
But, this morning, this little feline remained glued to the spot in fear as Chucky tried his best to get at it, tugging furiously at the leash. A few seconds later, however, it regained its composure and tried climbing a tree, only to discover it was not able to! It clung on for dear life even as I held on to the leash with one hand and took a video with the other.
This little fellow is no bigger than a normal-sized cat but he has an aggressive attitude and thinks he rules over the compound when it comes to cats.  But, unlike Tyson, who has mauled several feline intruders into our backyard, Chucky still is without a kill to his name.
And, by the looks of it, it’ll remain that way!

The one that got away


This is one of those lucky cats that got clean away – in fact, it repeatedly gets away.
The feline (this particular one among the scores that we have around the compound) makes it a point to come snooping in the garden only when Tyson is indoors nut, of late, it has started venturing out into the open, walking along the wall on to the neighbor’s area – and is now aware the growling and very mad Tyson cannot scale the wall.
This was one such instance. Tyson was out. We were, too. And then the cat came. He tried to play it cool, sat quietly as if he was not interested, in the hope the cat would get careless. It did not!
After staring at Tyson for a while, it made its way across the wall and that’s when all hell broke lose. Fortunately, the tomato and the green chili patch is ready to be done away with so there was no real harm done.
The cat, meanwhile, took a leisurely walk across the wal and disappeared, leaving a furious Tyson behind.A typical cock a snook moment!


Being foolish?

Catty Cat 1 Catty Cat Catty Cat 3 Catty Cat 2I guess it’s time for this cat to say goodbye – to this life at least!
Barely had I escorted Tyson inside the house than this rather menacing looking creature appeared from behind the wall and sat on the ‘toadstool’ I have set up with a makeshift birdbath, having a rather ‘cool’ drink!
Tyson, as expected, went ballistic – thankfully behind closed doors.
What I gather, of course, is that this one’s taking too much of a chance – it’s probably exhausted all but one of its nine lives and has to, sooner or later, become Tyson’s fourth feline victim.
Perhaps it was lying in wait for the opportune moment and made an appearance as soon as the coast was clear or is it that supreme confidence it could come to no harm?
Time will tell, which, I am guessing, is not far away! Tyson’s eying his trophy and this one’s chancing its luck. Watch this space!

Smitten kitten


20140310_17271520140310_172721This very cute looking alley cat in Bahrain’s Muharraq neighbourhood came out of ‘hiding’ when it heard yet another man with a camera had come calling. This particular area on the island is a well-known ‘haunt’ for photographers eager to capture the country’s ‘original’ heritage of old houses, ancient mosques and museums and the ever so friendly people.20140310_172729
As I stood pondering whether to enter the ‘fencing’ surrounding one of the sites being restored, out sprung this feline. It initially looked at me from behind an opening and then showed itself as if posing for a photograph.
And, as if that wasn’t enough, it came out even more boldly, and confidently, perhaps knowing it was presenting an interesting, and ‘photogenic’ sight! The only problem was that it stood still for as long as I was clicking.
Perhaps it still has a long way to go before becoming a fashion model!

C for Cat

uquqDSC_4430I went out early this morning to catch the sunrise but this is what I got (above). Though at the coast well before the sun started to come up, it was nowhere to be seen because of the fog and the cloud cover. Instead, I captured this cat (left and below) in a playful mood. I have taken pictures of cats before – hundreds of strays are found everywhere in Bahrain – but they have always bolted after the first click. In this case, however, the more I clicked, the more the feline came towards the camera. DSC_6855And it even posed, played around, scratched itself against the tree, rolled over and over, stared, mewed as if in anger and ran here and there, always making sure it was never a few feet away from me. It was as if it was modelling, telling me to click away as much as I wanted yo. I got a rather “arrogant” look as I began to move away as if it were saying, “what, no more?” But, of course, I had to leave. I’d had enough. And, as I left, the sun, too, peeked from behind the clouds (bottom). “Yes, I’m here too. What about me?” Of course, it was not to be. I would come back another day – but only after reading the weather forecast!

DSC_6851 DSC_6824 DSC_4467 DSC_4458 DSC_4454 DSC_4452 DSC_4446DSC_4595