Cricket on the coast

A weekend game of cricket goes well into the evening on the Busaiteen coast of Bahrain. Played mostly by expatriate men from the Indian Sub Continent, the game is the most popular past time on holidays and weekly off days.

Wheels of fortune

This bicycle sale and repair shop In Downtown Manama, with bicycles hanging upside down, perhaps exemplifies the lives of thousands of Asian expatriates who come thousands of miles from their home countries in search of greener pastures – and, perhaps, a change in fortunes!

Talk the Walk

Workers leave a construction site after a hard day out in Bahrain’s blistering heat. With temperatures touching 40 degrees C, being in those conditions and doing hard labour requires some effort. But, again, these blue collared workers are any city’s lifeline. Because, if they do not work, we cannot!

‘Public’ transport

Bicycles always make a great picture but when it’s so many lined up in one place, the photograph becomes quite striking. This row of the so called common man’s transport is pictured next to the Bahrain Financial Harbour twin towers in Central Manama. I was told the cycles belong to the scores of mainly Asian…