The weekend sale

This gentleman, perhaps well into his 80s, sells “electronics” at a roadside “flea market” over the weekend. While it is creditable that even at this ripe old age, he has found something useful to do, it’s quite amazing to see all those things he’s selling actually work – be it the “vintage” mobile phones, the watches or the ancient transistor radio! Full marks to enterprise! Continue reading The weekend sale

The years teach much which the days never knew

This elderly gentleman is as much a part of the Old Manama Suq as the Suq itself. He is at various places, always sitting alone, sometimes appearing to doze off, at times just sitting and staring at traffic and people. He is also one of the most-photographed by visitors and tourists and has even featured in some Bahrain picture postcards. I did once try to … Continue reading The years teach much which the days never knew

No country for old men?

This elderly citizen, possibly in his 70s, was yesterday spotted at the Bahrain Financial Harbour crossing in Manama in the scorching afternoon sun, asking for a lift from passersby. Carrying a heavy load in a plastic bag, he was refused by at least three motorists who had stopped at a traffic light. Though I decided I would take him where he wanted to go, unfortunately, … Continue reading No country for old men?