Nothing fishy about this

I spotted this roadside fish market quite by chance as I drove through an area where I seldom go. There, right next to a newly-constructed fishermen jetty in Hidd, was this place swarming with just about any kind of fresh catch. Over the weekend, we drove down and this is when we saw the wonderful…

‘Skeleton’ at the ‘graveyard’

I found this picture of a rotting and disintegrating dhow – resembling the skeleton of a dinosaur – in an area off the coast of Muharraq, Bahrain they call ‘The Graveyard’ for such craft as well as old fishing boats. Uncanny that it resembles what it does and at the location where it is!  

Dhow Art Abdulla!

I always wondered where the countless fishing dhows we see every day were made. This evening I got my answer on coming across one such traditional dhow ‘factory’, right there on the highway leading to the airport. I have earlier seen a similar factory but that churned out dhows made of steel sheets, which are…

Something’s Fishy

Garlands of fish are hung out to dry on a dhow at the fisherman’s “village” in Muharraq. I have seen fish being dried in their hundreds of thousands on the Mumbai coast in India but this was the first such “sighting” here in Bahrain. Strange as it might seem, I am sure the garlands were…

Noha’s Ark ?

This is what Noah’s Ark might have looked like. Well, not exactly but this scene was quite unusual in modern-day life. Scores of these winged creatures had perched themselves on this ramshackle fishing dhow off the Arad coast of Bahrain this evening just as the sun set on yet another cold and windy winter day….