Keeping Watch

20121228_120155This gentleman, perhaps in his 80’s if not more, is possibly the most-photographed man in Bahrain.
He is seen featured in practically every travelogue, coffee table book or brochure and even on picture postcards sold all over the country.
I, too, was attracted to take his pictures when I first stepped into the heart of the old Manama Suq with my camera several months ago. He initially did not spot me but when he did, waved and even smiled.
I did not attempt to speak with him fearing he could be uncomfortable in anything but Arabic but some Suq regulars said he is a constant fixture outside the old curio shop, perhaps as ancient as the Suq itself and possibly as old as he is.
A few weeks ago, I entered a photography competition and there he was – again – in several pictures featuring “people” in Bahrain.20121228_120053
It’s a great sight to see this octogenarian sit “guard” at the shop which features, among other things, old and new pictures of all the rulers, past and present, in the six Gulf Co-operation Council states.