First Rain

  I am sure it sounds strange but here in Bahrain we celebrate the first rain of the season. A few days ago, an impending ‘thunderstorm’ was announced in the local Press and smartphone weather apps started giving out ‘warnings’ of ‘unsettled weather’ over the weekend. So it was with much anticipation that virtually everyone…

Sunset Pier

The sun had long gone down. But as I stepped on to this makeshift pier in Muharraq, there was this ‘glimmer’ of light that seemed to tell me to snap it up. This picture, taken on HDR settings, is my first such attempt. Of course, the tripod and the remote shutter came in handy!

Going Home

A flock of birds takes to the skies on its way home after a hard day out.

Flying high

Behind the dark clouds The sky is always blue The sun still shines The birds always fly -Cloudy afternoon, Manama, Bahrain, Summer 2015

Pigeons in flight

A flock of pigeons takes flight during a hazy and cloudy morning in Downtown Manama. My new Sigma Ultra Wide 10-20 mm lens came in handy while capturing this shot!