No Eid for these birds, is there?

It’s festival time in Bahrain. The Eid Holiday is ongoing. People are out in their hundreds of thousands, meeting relatives and friends, greeting one another, shopping, going to malls, parks and eating – generally having a great time. But as I wandered into the Old Suq in Manama, I saw these frightened chicken crammed into a small cage, waiting for customers. They would probably end … Continue reading No Eid for these birds, is there?

On the chopping block

This is how live chicken are sold in the old part of Manama, the Bahrain capital. Though this is visibly cruel method is not common, there are times when these small-time ‘weekend sellers’ make a quick buck bring in fresh stock from the country’s farms. What is worse is that many a times, buyers also get the birds slaughtered, for which the seller happily obliges … Continue reading On the chopping block