Being foolish?

I guess it’s time for this cat to say goodbye – to this life at least! Barely had I escorted Tyson inside the house than this rather menacing looking creature appeared from behind the wall and sat on the ‘toadstool’ I have set up with a makeshift birdbath, having a rather ‘cool’ drink! Tyson, as expected, went ballistic – thankfully behind closed doors. What I … Continue reading Being foolish?

Smitten kitten

  This very cute looking alley cat in Bahrain’s Muharraq neighbourhood came out of ‘hiding’ when it heard yet another man with a camera had come calling. This particular area on the island is a well-known ‘haunt’ for photographers eager to capture the country’s ‘original’ heritage of old houses, ancient mosques and museums and the ever so friendly people. As I stood pondering whether to … Continue reading Smitten kitten