The way home – on GoPro

I have always wanted to take pictures of several things while driving home but never got around to finding a way to do that. However, courtesy a friends GoPro Hero3, I finally managed. These are some of the images captured (screen grabs from the video actually) on my way home from work. The camera was…

We even have ostriches

This is one creature I never expected to see in Bahrain. I had been told there are “dozens” at the Al Areen Wildlife Park far away in the desert but had not “seen” them in so-called flesh and blood. However, when I had time to kill on a trip to the area, I drove towards…

‘Skeleton’ at the ‘graveyard’

I found this picture of a rotting and disintegrating dhow – resembling the skeleton of a dinosaur – in an area off the coast of Muharraq, Bahrain they call ‘The Graveyard’ for such craft as well as old fishing boats. Uncanny that it resembles what it does and at the location where it is!  

Colour – by evening

A Bahrain sunset is always special. And, if it’s winter, even more so! This evening wasn’t any different. Even it meant parking on the emergency lane of a high-speed highway and clicking away, it was worth the while. The cloud formation, the buildings and the sun about to set made for a phenomenal sight!

Macro this

The colours of the winter are awesome. In the part of the world where I am, our winter is the autumn – with lots of flowers, greenery and a beautiful feeling. I stepped out this morning with a macro filter attached to my Nikon and some of the results are shown here. One can never…