Moods on the weekend

A trip to Bahrain’s Old Manama Suq can be exhausting if you are not able to stand crowds, the heat and the grime and the noise. But this is exactly what I did last evening. While I expected to catch some pictures of the old buildings and the stalls selling a variety of stuff, it was virtually impossible to do that in the pushing and the jostling that made it very difficult to stand in one place. I finally found a corner and stood relatively still for nearly an hour to catch the “moods”, thanks to the zoom lens.
The myriad expressions and the emotions are clearly visible on people’s faces as they go about their business.

Summer visitor

We do not see many birds in these parts and in this weather but this feathered friend created quite a racket early one morning. On hearing the rather unusual noise, I discovered three of these on the branch just outside my window but in the time I got the camera, only one of them was there. These little interludes in the otherwise harsh summer are most welcome.

Bird brain and sea brawn

This sparrow thought it could weather any storm. Well, not quite.
When the wind was at its howling best and the tide at its highest, the little creature could not take it any more.
At one moment, it was ‘hopping and skipping’ and, at another, it was in the water, struggling to stay afloat.
That was when we happened to be there and carried out the ‘rescue’, even as I managed to take a few pictures.
The bird was last seen scampering towards a pile of old furniture stacked for disposal at Bahrain’s Busaiteen coast.
All was well, it seems!

Dear Tomatoes

When we bought tomatoes after a long time a couple of weeks ago, we were in for a surprise. They seemed very costly. But, maybe, that was the normal market price at that time. Our little garden had given us so many tomatoes over the winter and even until a month ago, we had not […]

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Macro magic

It was hot in the day and rather uncomfortable. Yet, these flowers in the garden were bright and fresh! It’s a wonder how they manage to not only survive – but also be ‘happy’ – in these harsh conditions. And, yes, the new macro filter on my camera lens rells the story rather well!