Time for Lunch

Roadside workers sitting down to have a meal has always been one of the best sights anywhere. These men, coming from diverse backgrounds and of different nationalities, find time to get together as they take a break from work and present a picture of bonhomie, camaraderie and togetherness that can only come when they are…

Why Bahrain is the coolest Arab country to visit

Bahrain is not only the most liberal Islāmic country within the Arab World, it is certainly the coolest! So, why should you visit Bahrain? Source: Why Bahrain is the coolest Arab country to visit Nelsoncarvalheiro.com

God’s own canvas

A cloudy and overcast evening in Bahrain. The rain is falling – ever so lightly – but the weather is heavenly – the winter has not yet gone while the terrible summer seems a long way away. This is the bonus weather to enjoy for as many days as it’s around – because the “griller’…

Taking Off

Traditional fishing dhows ready to leave the Sitra Fishing Harbour in Bahrain with the seagulls seemingly getting set to lead the way.

A night at the museum

We were at the Opera last night. Well, not exactly! It was only a short trip to take some pictures but there was an ongoing opera at the Bahrain National Theatre and hundreds were present, going by the number of vehicles in the parking lot. That said, here are some shots taken well into the…