Reflection in glass

The Bahrain National Theatre building is one of the most iconic in the country, blending modern and traditional architecture. This amazing structure is built on the side of a man-made lake within the National Museum complex and annually hosts a slew of national and international events.

Windy in Bahrain

It was a very windy day in Bahrain. This picture was taken in Central Manama. A row of fluttering Bahrain flags is reflected on the glass facade of the building opposite!

Moonrise and sunset

These pictures, taken from my bedroom balcony, show the unusual sight of a sunset and a moonrise in the same frame, a phenomenon, I am told, impossible to photograph. Of course, while the moon is visible in one of the pictures, the sunset is in he reflection of the glass facade of a building next…

Bench from the past

This bench and picture are reminiscent of the bygone days in Bahrain. Set up in one of the ‘original’ parts of the 112 year old American Mission Hospital, it is a far cry from the waiting rooms we have at hospitals today. Strangely, however, there was no one waiting to see a doctor, enabling a…