New on the bookshelf

Chucky decided this morning to take a short cut to the kitchen from the living room but stopped dead in his tracks when he saw he had been ‘caught’. Presented a great picture, though!  

My weekend is all booked

Why do I have so many books, a friend once asked. Why do you spend on books when you can spend somewhere else, another unfortunate soul said. These are expensive, said yet another one. Little do these people, and countless others, know what it is like to own, and read, a book. Yes, I just…

Journey to my soul

Dear all. This short eBook is FREE today on Amazon. Appreciate all to download, read, and give a rating by tonight. It’ll really be a great help. A pocket book where the author speaks about soul search and discovery. It is only a few pages long, and shares an honest story. The book also shares…

Dads don’t die

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I didn’t know today was going to be father’s day until this moment! Isn’t it a strange ¬†coincidence I am promoting my shortread book (Kindle book) ‘Past Life’ dedicated to my late father today, a decision I took last evening! It goes with the theme of my book though. I should…


Books are a hard-bound drug, with no danger of an overdose! I am a happy victim of books ¬†–-picture taken at the Bahrain Culture Ministry Restoration Project, Muharraq ¬†