The birds are back

Migratory birds, that flock to Bahrain in the winters, escaping from the freezing temperatures in Siberia and other colder regions of the world, are omnipresent everywhere in the country, especially in the coastal areas. This particular spot, at the so-called ‘dhow graveyard’ in Muharraq, is one that is most frequented by these winged visitors and…

Welcome Party

Seagulls welcome early morning visitors to one of Bahrain’s favourite weekend destinations. The Al Dar Island Resort, off the coast of Sitra, is the perfect place to unwind after a hectic week at work. It presents the ideal getaway in the lap of marine and winged wildlife. Source: Welcome Party

Winter view

We know the winter’s here – finally – when there’s a certain nip – and colour – in the air!

Market Day

This pick-up truck is weighed down with “tonnes” of used clothes, books and other articles that are being taken to the famed “Friday Market” in Bahrain’s Isa Town. This is a common sight on the streets around the venue every Thursday afternoon when the temporary market opened for business. Over three days, people can buy…

Love at high tide

This pair of flamingos were spotted in the waters off Bahrain’s Tubli Bay. Not unusual but very uncommon during the summer months when most migratory birds make their annual trip back home to the cooler climes of Siberia and Western Europe. The bird “season” in Bahrain begins from the end of September until April, after…