No Eid for these birds, is there?

It’s festival time in Bahrain. The Eid Holiday is ongoing. People are out in their hundreds of thousands, meeting relatives and friends, greeting one another, shopping, going to malls, parks and eating – generally having a great time. But as I wandered into the Old Suq in Manama, I saw these frightened chicken crammed into…

We even have ostriches

This is one creature I never expected to see in Bahrain. I had been told there are “dozens” at the Al Areen Wildlife Park far away in the desert but had not “seen” them in so-called flesh and blood. However, when I had time to kill on a trip to the area, I drove towards…

They are back

They are back! Bahrain’s annual vacationers – the migratory birds – have returned! The first real sign of the weather easing up, cool evenings and mornings, is our feathered friends on the Arad coast. Taken this evening, this picture conveys just the start of the winter which, experts say, will be “severe” this time round,…

Going Home

A flock of birds takes to the skies on its way home after a hard day out.

Anybody speak ‘bird’?

Several moments before I took this picture, I wondered what these birds might be saying to each other after a rather strenuous day out. The racket they made was deafening and ‘exciting’. They were visibly happy, however. I wish we spoke their language. How awesome would that be?