Cricket on the coast

A weekend game of cricket goes well into the evening on the Busaiteen coast of Bahrain. Played mostly by expatriate men from the Indian Sub Continent, the game is the most popular past time on holidays and weekly off days.

The last sunset

As the sun sets on 2015, it’s curtains on a year one will be glad to see the last off. Notwithstanding the colossal tragedies the world at large, and the Middle East region in particular, was challenged with, and faced, during the last 365 days, the year passed off rather quickly. As we walk off…

Dreams are made of sand and sun!

This dilapidated chair looking out towards the sea caught my attention on an evening walk at the Busaiteen Beach in Bahrain. If only it could speak, countless stories would flow!

No one ever said sunsets are boring

This is a beautiful Bahrain sunset – yet again. This is one magical aspect of this tiny island nation, and each time I step out with the camera, it creates an extremely vivid, and unreal feeling. This quote by John Ruskin sums it up beautifully: At sunset, nature is painting for us….day after day….pictures of…

If this is not madness – nothing is!

These are some of my very ‘brave’ pictures from a weekend activity in Bahrain, held in a not so remote, but difficult to reach, part of the island. Scores of car stunt enthusiasts get together every Friday to indulge in this dangerous activity on a kilometre stretch of road in Karbabad and are watched by…