It’s the weekend again

Blue-collared workers in Bahrain, a very large majority of them from the Indian Sub-Continent, relax on a traffic roundabout at Bab Al Bahrain (the gateway to Bahrain) over the weekend. Thousands of such workers gather for two days every week to exchange news and gossip and spend time talking to their families, window shopping and…

Looking Up in Manama

Lanterns hang from an old building near Bab Al Bahrain and seem to gel with the twin towers of the Bahrain Financial Harbour in the background.

Trigger Happy

Scores of people among the thousands who converge on the Bab Al Bahrain area every weekend make it a point to get their pictures taken to send to their loved ones back home. Thanks to technology, it’s now become all too simple and images are transferred in split seconds. I remember when I first went…

The Mosque Down Town

The minaret of one of several mosques in downtown Manama is pictured against the setting sun and rows of apartment buildings. Of the hundreds of pictures I take, those of the setting sun – and the coast – remain my all time favorites – and bring forth something new each time.

Traditional Street Cafes

These two images are typical of traditional Bahrain. Street cafes are a part of culture here and no one, locals and expatriates, can resist a rather noisy and ‘gossipy’ session at one of these joints every once in a while. Of course there are regulars who are spotted all the time and there are those…