Keeping the Bahrain date

Flocks of flamingos have descended on Bahrain¬† to keep their annual date with the “warm” winter in this part of the world. The Al Areen Wildlife Park and Reserve is these migratory birds’ favourite haunt. A trip there during these months is a very pleasant experience. There are also thousands of seagulls, cranes, pelicans and…

The Untyring

This grizzly cub was seen playing to the galleries at the Al Aren Wildlfe Park and Reserve. Easily the star attraction, this playful creäture was the cynosure of all eyes during the weekend holiday rush at the reserve.

Lover Boy!

Saw this interesting scene at the Al Areen Wildlife Park, Bahrain, where, apparently, a male duck was aggressively “claiming” his companion from competition! He was successful after a very brief struggle and the couple happily sailed away!