Bahrain’s very own wildlife

This is Bahrain’s very own wildlife park with its “native” wildlife.
The Al Areen Wildlife Park is a nature reserve and zoo, in Sakhir. It is one of five other protected areas in the country and it is the only designated protected area on land, in the country.
The park covers a total area of 7 km sq…

Enjoying the winter

A cloudy sky; a beautiful sunset; an even better sunrise, not to mention the rain and the cool weather – that’s what sums up a classic winter day in Bahrain. And, in the past month, we’ve had several such occasions. Rarely has this archipelago seen such pleasant, even cold, weather for so long at a…

“Cool” beach

It’s rather cool and very windy after an unprecedented spell of rain in Bahrain. Little wonder then that one of the few public beaches on the island is deserted. However, it’s only a matter of days when it begins to get warmer and that would bring out the crowds. Source: “Cool” beach

An oasis in the desert

Her Royal Highness Princess Sabeeka Park in Bahrain’s Awali township is one of the country’s greenest places. In the winter months, in particular, it is an oasis of beauty, tranquility and peace. Along with the beautiful fruit and flower plants and trees, it has fountains, an artificial lake, a mini zoo with exotic birds and…

Reflection in glass

The Bahrain National Theatre building is one of the most iconic in the country, blending modern and traditional architecture. This amazing structure is built on the side of a man-made lake within the National Museum complex and annually hosts a slew of national and international events.