Winter view

We know the winter’s here – finally – when there’s a certain nip – and colour – in the air!

Cricket on the coast

A weekend game of cricket goes well into the evening on the Busaiteen coast of Bahrain. Played mostly by expatriate men from the Indian Sub Continent, the game is the most popular past time on holidays and weekly off days.

Bahrain’s Bougainvillea bazaar

The Bougainvillea is out in force in Bahrain. It’s everywhere, in full bloom. While this hardy plant is perfectly capable of weathering the harsh summer, it’s rather colourless, dull and drab. But, come October and the easing of the heat, it comes out with a vengeance and shows its true element. Our own garden, in…

The weekend sale

This gentleman, perhaps well into his 80s, sells “electronics” at a roadside “flea market” over the weekend. While it is creditable that even at this ripe old age, he has found something useful to do, it’s quite amazing to see all those things he’s selling actually work – be it the “vintage” mobile phones, the…

Nothing fishy about this

I spotted this roadside fish market quite by chance as I drove through an area where I seldom go. There, right next to a newly-constructed fishermen jetty in Hidd, was this place swarming with just about any kind of fresh catch. Over the weekend, we drove down and this is when we saw the wonderful…