The layered paratha

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The typical Punjabi weekend breakfast, though we do not do this very often. The ‘lachcha’ (layered) paratha, the pachranga (mixed) pickle, maah ki daal and fresh curd. No, it isn’t a healthy meal (plenty of oil or ghee) but awesome in taste and looks. And, yes, I do not make it any differently than anyone else so, for the recipe, Mr.… Continue reading The layered paratha

Desi fish ‘n’ chips

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Fish and chips is an all-time favourite around the world. But I gave it a twist this evening. After marinating Kingfish steaks in a wee bit of red vinegar, salt, red and black pepper, it was cooked on the plate grill and then served with raw onion, lemon mint leaves and seasoned French fries. The turnaround was complete. We had the… Continue reading Desi fish ‘n’ chips

Temple times

As children, we used to get this every Saturday at the local gurudwara (Sikh temple) when devotees brought savoury (and sometimes spicy) black chickpeas as an offering. Throughout the evening, the offerings were collected in a large cauldron and every visitor received a handful. The ‘concoction’ was so tasty, it made us go back again […] via Temple times — cookwithsingh Continue reading Temple times