Old, as always, is gold

One of the several old houses on Bahrain’s Muharraq Island, which are earmarked for complete renovation as part of a comprehensive Culture Ministry project to restore historical buildings. This particular mansion, one of the oldest, is visibly in a dilapidated state, with even its once majestic walls almost ready to give way. However, the intricate…

Market 338

Bahrain’s annual Market 338 is back. More than 40 top designers and artists from the Gulf region have come together to showcase their work,for the second year in a row. After its successful launch last year, the event is even bigger and better, and will feature musical performances, pop-up cafes, lectures, workshops and specially commissioned…

Destination Desert

Bahrain’s annual camping season has been well under way for the last few weeks and will continue until April. Traditionally, these few months, thousands of Bahrain’s families set up ‘camp’ in the vast rocky areas in the south of the country in an area they then call home. During those few months, enterprising businessmen set…

On a high note

A lone rider trudges past the ancient Bahrain Fort as the weather cleared after two days of incessant rain. The fort, said to be several hundred years old, is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the scene of some intense development by the Culture Ministry to attract more tourists to the country.

Past and Pure

Two young girls play hopscotch on the street in Bahrain’s Muharraq neighbourhood. The country’s oldest ‘town’ is still home to hundreds of ancient houses and historical structures and the area’s residents identify strongly with old Bahraini traditions and ancient way of living. Many of Bahrain’s well-known tourist destinations are also situated on the island.